A World of challenges...

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Alare Technologies

Alare Technologies, LLC (AlareTech) develops new technologies and integrated system solutions that address the emerging critical needs of our changing world. We pride ourselves in serving military, civil and commercial markets. We lead the way to a smarter, safer future in small unmanned aerial systems, pushing the limits while delivering practical results.
Who We Are

A World of Challenges

AlareTech is a system design and development engineering firm founded in 2012 by pioneers in the UAS industry. We are a team of engineers, designers, builders, inventors, and flyers who have a passion for UAS technologies. AlareTech successfully applies creative thinking skills in a fast-paced team environment to provide innovative and practical solutions for our customers.

What We do

A company with solutions

Alare Technologies provides end-to-end innovative solutions for our military, civil and commercial customers. We specialize in developing proof-of-concept (POC) demonstration systems, we have the skills and facilities necessary to transition prototypes to low rate initial production (LRIP), and the experience to provide initial operational capability (IOC) training and support. Alare has what it takes to solve your most demanding technical challenges, on time and within budget.


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  • Sierra Nevada Corporation
  • Defense Innovation Unit
  • Flir
  • Army Research Lab
  • Naval Sea Systems Command